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You know you're a surveyor when you've been waiting all summer for this podcast to return.

We are back now, and it’s been a tricky ride since we’ve learned about the outcome of the independent RICS review by Alison Levitt. I’ve had to take time to process what I've read and what I've experienced, not just as a member surveyor of RICS, but also as a member of the Governing Council. Like many of you, I too felt shock, disappointment, anger, and I felt hurt that the trust and confidence I put into something that I really believed in had been violated.

But I've reflected on the standards and regulations that surveyors follow, and they are still some of the best in the world. They make a difference every day to the lives of people and the clients we help them support. There are good people that work at RICS and they need our support. And if you can put yourself in a position to make a difference and to do good, then why wouldn't you? That's how I ended up on the Governing Council, and it’s how this podcast has come about, and how The Surveyor Hub Community has grown. Because surveying is not really about the construction and the buildings, it’s about people.

In the new season of The Surveyor Hub Podcast, there will be weekly conversations on surveying and life, but there will also be regular Women in Surveying panel discussions where women's voices are being put forward, where women step into visibility in order to make a difference in our industry. Finally, there will be short weekly podcasts about the business of surveying.

Join us in the new season, subscribe, rate, review and follow us because the more we feel connected and supported, the better we feel about what we do.


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As a chartered surveyor with a background in defect and valuation claims, Marion has first-hand experience of why we make mistakes and what we need to do to support ourselves to prevent them. A Fellow member of the RICS and qualified customer experience professional, Marion is passionate about empowering people. At Love Surveying, she provides the support, coaching and networking surveyors and property professionals need to handle career challenges confidently and navigate the right business journey for them. Founder of The Surveyor Hub podcast and community Marion also supports surveyors in business through her coaching and mentoring programmes. Marion is an Ambassador for Lionheart.