Episode 65

065 Women in Surveying: Visibility and Mental Wellbeing

We’ve hosted a panel of Women in Surveying to discuss working under COVID, surveyors’ visibility and taking care of mental wellbeing, especially for surveyors who are also parents. Participating surveyors were Emma Snipp, Sana Gabriel and Stacey Price. 

About Emma Snipp

Emma is a chartered surveyor, confidence and resilience coach. She specialises in empowering women in property, property law and construction industries to navigate the corporate culture with confidence.


About Sana Gabriel

Sana Gabriel works as a Chartered Surveyor with the public sector. She has commercial property/asset management experience covering both occupier and property owner sectors. She engages with cross-disciplinary functions having experience in Landlord and Tenant issues, leases, dilapidations, refurbishment projects, maintenance, energy & sustainability, asset management, facilities management. She works for the Huntingdonshire District Council within their commercial property team.


About Stacey Price

Stacey Price is a Senior Commercial Manager for Laing O’Rourke with over 20 years of extensive experience of the commercial management of the Built Environment. She has worked on a variety of Projects across the UK and the Middle East ranging in value from £1m - £300m, using various forms of Contract and Procurement Routes. She also leads and mentors colleagues who are working towards their chartered status. She is a guest lecturer at Northumbria University and a STEM Ambassador. She chairs a Working Parents D&I Subcommittee.


What we cover:

- The challenges of the past year and what awaits us going forward

- Do we need to make ourselves visible and how?

- Why it’s crucial to take care of your mental wellbeing to be able to thrive in your business

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As a chartered surveyor with a background in defect and valuation claims, Marion has first-hand experience of why we make mistakes and what we need to do to support ourselves to prevent them. A Fellow member of the RICS and qualified customer experience professional, Marion is passionate about empowering people. At Love Surveying, she provides the support, coaching and networking surveyors and property professionals need to handle career challenges confidently and navigate the right business journey for them. Founder of The Surveyor Hub podcast and community Marion also supports surveyors in business through her coaching and mentoring programmes. Marion is an Ambassador for Lionheart.